Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last post from the MTC

The traditional "flying" picture

Run over by missionaries

Catching snowflakes on his tongue

Don't interupt my studies!

We got Aaron's last letter from the MTC yesterday. In it he said that he had gained 10 pounds by eating unlimited meals for three weeks. He expects that to come to an immediate halt when he arrives in the mission field. He should have arrived on Wednesday. I doubt he will be able to write except on P-day. I don't know when that is at this point, but will let you all know when he tells us. Aaron's sister, Karen, just told me that the blog was set us to not allow comments, so I tried to fix that. You can try again to give a comment and we will see if what I did worked. Aaron's last letter included the traditional silly MTC pictures. I will upload them for you to see. More serious ones will come later. He does say that he is happy; that's very good to know. Keep letters coming to him; that (along with the work) will help keep him happy.


  1. LOL. Where did they get the light saber? That's my favorite pic ;)

  2. HAHAHAHA !!! I love those pics!