Monday, March 23, 2009

Aaron's next letter (Mid-March)

Dear Mom & Dad, Mid-March 2009
I'm really hoping I am remembering the right email address. I really don't remember anyone else's. The lady that we had the baptismal date for that had the stroke is doing well. It was actually a serious double-stroke and a brain hemorrhage. Medically speaking she should be dead, but instead of getting worse, she's still getting better. Even her left side, which was permanently paralyzed, is getting movement and feeling back. It's pretty sweet, not gonna lie. Plus, she has lots of family that aren't LDS and they're there all the time, so we get to talk to them. We've been doing a lot of tracting this last week. No one has let us in yet, so it's a little discouraging, but we've gotten a few people who have tentatively invited us back. I've been wanting to watch various movies lately. Everything seems to remind me of them. Someone will be talking about their Scottish ancestry (oh....I want to watch Braveheart...) Someone else will be talking about Book of Mormon war tactics (oh....I want to watch the Last Samurai...) I'm doing fine, but missing it. No one is allowed to tell me anything about any good movie that comes out while I'm gone, or TV show...or book. I'll have catching up to do when I get home. We cleaned out the fridge, finally. It's nice to be able to open the fridge without the stench of rot filling the apartment. Now we won't have to worry about that until the next thing in there goes bad. I'm still really enjoying the drive between Modesto and Escalon (the town maybe ten miles north that we cover). It's lined with almond, walnut (and I think peach) trees. Most of the blossoms have fallen and the leaves are growing in their place. I can't wait until spring really settles in here. Everybody has landscaping around their houses (everybody.). I'm sure it'll be really nice (more so then now) when it's all really in bloom. I made a CD of my pictures so far. I'll send it once someone sends me music Cd’s (hopefully) and reuse the bubble wrap envelope...if that's what they send. I really have no choice but to be cheap. Oh, Dad, if you would, could you select some talks by Leon Skowsen that would be missionary appropriate/useful/fun/etc, and put them on a CD’s? I'd appreciate it a lot. Anyway, all family members can write me emails (Mom or Dad can give you my address). All else, please write me. Many of you, I don't have your address still. If you write me, I promise I will write you one back. Anyway, I'm going good out here and keeping very busy. I look forward to hearing from everybody soon.

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