Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter from Aaron

We got a letter from Aaron today. It seems he has been e-mailing me (his mom) regularly since he got to California, but was using the wrong address. Oh, well, at least we have it straightened out now. He is doing well. He says that he is very lucky to have started out in a very productive area. He's keeping very busy. Last year they got 616 baptisms and have set a goal for 1000 this year. "We'll get it," he said. I sent him Dad's and his brother and sisters' e-mail addresses as he said he didn't have them with him. So you should be hearing something from him before too long. As for his friends, you will have to write to him and wait for a letter. He's not allowed to e-mail anyone except family. He would love to get those letters by the way.

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