Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30, 2009

Aaron writes home that he went on splits with one of the AP's. They tracted for about 5 hours, talking to everyone they saw. They went to the home of a young man who had been taking the discussions. No one had been answering the door at that home for some time. He said they knocked on the door and knew someone was standing just inside the door without answering. They waved through the peephole. This time they knocked again and Aaron called out, asking if that young man (by name) was home. His wife opened the door, was very nice and said they wanted to set up a date for baptism.

Aaron's companion is due to return home on Wednesday, so he will be getting a new companion then. He's studying up on the ward directory, investigator list and map of the area so he will be ready to help the "new guy".

Anyway, all is well in Fresno. He says he was glad to hear from several of you. Keep those letters coming.

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