Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok, this letter came today -- I should be caught up

March 23 2009
Ok, I'm back on track here. Now that I have the right email address to email home, maybe everyone (including me) can stop wondering why there are no emails being sent. This week's been pretty good. We got a few return appointments from tracting, which is something new. Thus far it had been a complete waste of time. Some of our investigators are progressing, and others are being stubborn, not keeping their commitments. But overall it's been good and some of them are nearing the point where I think they'll want to be baptized. I don't know if I mentioned it or not in one of the other emails, but I went golfing a couple of weeks ago. It's a lot of fun, but my putting is atrocious. There are other words that could describe it, but that one fits pretty well. I like driving though. Our investigator with the baptismal date (the one that had a stroke) is doing well now. She's in a rehabilitation center, working on getting her movementback, especially in her "paralyzed" side. It's weird that I've been here for almost four weeks, on Wednesday -- a week away from my two month mark. Time is going by so fast, it's crazy. My bishop is currently in the arctic, hunting his polar bear. I find that pretty funny. Our miles inour car are nearly gone, so we have to budget them a lot. It'll be a whole lot of walking and bike riding and bumming rides off the members for the next week and a half or so. Ok, so this is how I think I'm going to work all this, with the email (I might have mentioned it another week, not sure). This form email, I'll send to Mom, who (pretty please) will put it on the blog, where everyone can read it. I may from time to time choose to reply to an email, not sure, not a lot of time here at the library. All mail will get a response though for sure. Everything reminds me of movies and books anymore. I find myself wanting to watch them and read them all the time, even movies I probably wouldn't've when I was at home. Yesterday I had this great longing to watch both UHF (Weird Al's movie) and The Stupids. Maybe the next 22 months will get that out of me, or maybe I'll have to go on a movie and book binge when I get home -- Hopefully not too bad anyway. It's weird that I'm going to be here when Karen's baby's born, and that he'll be, what, a year and a half when I get home. I did the "flattened chicken" joke out of a cloth napkin at dinner at a member's home yesterday. They loved it. Karen, I'm still routing for the name Hellspike, even though it was apparently voted off. I think it still deserves merit. The goal of 1000 baptisms for 2009 is for the whole mission. We should be good for it though. A member was showing us his family history on his computer the other week (might have mentioned it, again, not sure). It was crazy stuff. He had like 160,000 names or so; all his ancestors and all their kids and their kids, etc. He had a whole room devoted to it with a couple of computers and filing cabinets. Alright, I'm off to work. It was good hearing from everyone who I heard from. Bye for now,


  1. I love that kid. He's just so.....Aaron.

  2. Is Aaron's email addy the one he had before his mission or is it new? I need a list from him of what music he is allowed to listen to:)