Thursday, March 5, 2009

Word from the Mission Field

We got a letter from Aaron's mission president, letting us know where he was being sent as his first mission area. He is now in Modesto. Alan says that he looked it up and there are 7 wards in that city, so Aaron should be kept busy. The mission president enclosed three pictures. (So VERY nice of him to do that!) One is of Aaron with Pres. and Sister Gonzales, one with his trainer, and one with the new group of missionaries. Alan says, "Aaron is the tall one." That will probably be the first thing that people notice. After they get to know him, they will think about what a great missionary he is though.


  1. His trainer looks nice. I sure hope he is. That's so nice of his mission president to send 3 pictures. He looks happy. It's so wierd for him to be gone.

  2. Yay Aaron! :) This is so great having this blog.