Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aaron says that his apartment is very bare. Their living room has two folding tables with matching metal folding chairs and a floor lamp. Missionaries are in their apartment to sleep at night and the rest of the time they study and then get out there and work, so there's not much use for other furniture. The neighborhood is pretty friendly. The apartment complex has weird knotty trees that look rather like the whomping willow from the Harry Potter books. He says that luckily none of them have attacked him yet. They walk everywhere in Modesto (the town where he is living) and ride bikes in Escalon (a town about 10 miles away) He said the biking was killing his thighs until he realized that he needed to adjust the height of the bike seat. All of this exercise will probably really get Aaron physically fit.

The Modesto Ward that he is in has been very good about inviting them to dinner. They are very grateful to have those good meals prepared for them. He says that some of the people keep wanting to tell them all about what is going on in the political scene; he has to just ignore it and get back to the missionary work. This should be a very busy week for Aaron since his companion goes home on the 8th. Oh, I forgot to say that he gets to attend the temple every other transfer, which is about every three months. That's pretty good.

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