Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 20, 2009

This has been a really good week. There hasn't been very much going on and our pool of people to teach had dwindled to almost zero. That was because no one was progressing and we were going about the wrong way of finding. Elder Jorgensen and I are changing things up and visiting all the members, especially less-active members and trying to build up the ward from the inside-out. It's really working too. We have a few families that we are teaching that are less-actives and several who have started coming to church just because we came over and shared a message and encouraged them to come to church. With many people, that's all that's needed is a little encouragement and a welcome. We have a few new investigators which is really good, but we're going to get more. The lady that had the baptismal date that had the stroke is doing good. She's now out of rehab, but is being cared for at one of her kid's home so she's out of our area (out of the mission actually. Modesto is the northern-most border of the mission). So we'll have to refer her over to whoever is in that area. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to oblige.

We're having zone conference tomorrow, which should be good. I have to get my bike repaired today. When I first got it, the back rim was really wobbly. Elder Whitney fixed it and had to fix it again about 3 more times during the transfer. Now he's not here or his handy-dandy tool that he used. I may have to take it into the bike shop and get a tune-up. Either the wheel is faulty from the factory, or I'm just a fatty and the bike doesn't like it.

It's funny hearing you talk about it being rainy and it not being all that warm. Here, it barely ever rains (and isn't expected to until maybe the Fall) and is very warm. It's supposed to get up into the 100s...110...thereabouts, sometimes, in the summer. I get to look forward to that. They claim the humidity isn't very bad, but it's been stuffy the past few days, so I dunno.

We've been biking a lot lately. Like Elder Whitney, Elder Jorgensen likes to go fast. We're biking about three times as much as I used to, as well. It's really good because you get around faster and my legs are getting much stronger, but ouch. My poor legs... :p I think we may be getting more support out of the ward though, with our new approach. The last three weeks of last transfer we had no investigators at church. We've only had one and then two this transfer, but we're going to continue to increase that. I used to feel the same way about the missionaries only being in Salem every now and then, but I understand now. We cover four towns. We only go to two of them. There isn't anything going on in the other two, really. We'd like for there to be, but there's a very limited amount of things we can do...and tracting is just about completely fruitless. (I've yet to have anyone allow us to teach them, from tracting.) It has to be the members and the ward auxiliary leaders that really get things going in an area. I more preaching. Today is going to be so busy. I have to fix my bike, write letters, cut my hair, and shop still, before we start doing missionary work again tonight. It's going to be tight, and I don't think I'll get my nap this week either. :( Oh well, I'm doing well and am happy. I hope everyone is doing really well at home!

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