Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

Greetings, from the west coast...or at least the valley! I'm out here working up my farmer's tan, and yes, Karen, my legs are getting their workout from all the biking. Elder Jorgensen likes to bike a lot and likes to bike very fast. I'm able to go a lot faster and for longer periods of time than when I started for sure...still hurts, but that's ok. The weather has been cooperating. There was one day where we were out all day on our bikes and it was up toward 100. The rest of the days have stayed down from 70-90. Apparently I have 100-115 degree weather to look forward to here in the valley. That'll be nice and fun. I bought one of these water bladders that I can put into my backpack that has a hose that you drink from. It's been pretty much a lifesaver. I still don't have my bike fixed. I'm taking it into the shop this afternoon. I'm really hoping it's just simple and cheap repairs and they can give me advice on how to avoid or fix it in the future...who knows. I've been riding Elder Whitney's bike the past week, the one that he left behind. I like mine, enough said.

We've had more success this week in the area. We've seen more less-actives that have shown interest in returning to church. We had a couple of investigators come to church (which a few weeks ago and the few weeks before that, hadn't been happening), which is really good. It's getting easier not getting into politics lately. Mostly that's because no one had brought it up very much. When people feel the need to inform me about injustices that are going on in the world/'s like Grandpa Simpson, "We're not allowed to read newspapers. They angry up the blood!" I'm just glad I'm only here to catch the very tail-end of the prop 8 thing. Apparently it used to be REALLY big. I was thinking of parts of The RM this week and they made me laugh pretty hard. I can't wait to watch that when I get home. I told Elder Jorgensen that and he suggested I'm getting trunky. If that was true, I would be in real serious trouble. 21 months of trunkiness would be very troublesome.

Oh, I'm mailing a CD I made at Wal-Mart, today. Mostly they are pictures from the MTC. I made sure I took a lot of pictures there (not as many as I would have like to, but a lot all the same). There are a few from when I was here, but not many. I need to start getting shutter buggy again, but I'm too busy it seems. Alright, well my time is running out, so I will say goodbye for now. I'm getting more regular letters written today (I hope), so keep writing! :D I hope everyone is doing really well!

(Since Aaron says he mailed a CD with pictures, maybe I'll have something to put on the blog. Hopefully something good.)

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