Friday, May 22, 2009

May 18, 2009

Summer is here, even if it isn't in Missouri. The past two days have been 100+. I keep hearing about random snows and cold weather back home and I'm thinking, what? It's been hot here for the past two months. Crazy stuff. Karen, you were talking about the baby and mom mentioned that he tried to break your ribs... I just had this great mental picture of a little Barnard/Jacobs "Clifford" fetus, with the psychotic smile, finding a rib with his little foot and giving it several firm kicks. Then I'm thinking about when you were talking about him finding your sciatic nerve and pushing on it. I'm imagining the smile and him rubbing his big toe into it thinking "found it...." Awww... Good stuff. Oh, both Elder Jorgensen and I will be here for at least another transfer. He had me convinced that I would be going elsewhere as this is my third transfer and usually missionaries get transferred after their first. I'm glad I'm staying though. We have two baptism dates set for next transfer, and many more that will be as well. It'll be good. I'm glad you're almost at summer vacation, Mom. That was always my favorite part of the school year. Will you be doing summer school or anything like it? In regards to what I say next, don't worry. I'm not overly-trunky or anything, and I'm not pining my days away wishing. So don't worry. :) It was so hard yesterday though. We walked into a member's home yesterday and I heard this music playing from the computer and I was like "OH! I know that music!" His son had been playing Runescape and it was on. Elder Jorgensen never got much into Runescape, but was into World of Warcraft, so he had pity on me. He says he feels the same way when someone's playing that. Anyway, they've made it with half-decent graphics and full screen now...bah! Forget all that productivity I had planned about a fulltime job and school and girlfriend and church duties. I'm spending the year after my mission vegging! Ok, not really. But I will have to find time to veg every once in awhile. This week was weird. We actually found someone to teach while tracting. It's the first time that's happened on my mission, and we knock on doors most every day. We've had several people tell us we can come back when they have more time, but none of which have actually let us teach them until now. Good stuff. Elder Jorgensen was lying in bed singing Christmas songs. I had to tactfully ask him to refrain from such actions. I was getting that ridiculous giddy feeling and the goofy grin and giggle I get when I think of Christmas. Yeah, "You're either too early or two late." There's a time and a place, and it is NOT in May. ...not that I have strong feelings on the subject. The bishop has offered to take us to his office one of these p-days. I'm really excited about that. He has all the animals he's shot, there. Apparently he just got his elephant head back from the taxidermist. It's too bad it's illegal for him to bring his polar bear into the United States. It's huge. I'm going to have to request a picture of it. Jeanne, the lady who had the stroke, is now back in our area. I'm really excited about that. This next transfer is going to be really good, I think. At the end of the first one, I still pretty much knew nothing. I had a really hard time getting to know both the people and the area. Now I know most of the streets by name and where they're located and most all the members in the ward, active and less-active. I feel like I can do a lot more good now. Alright, I'd better get on with my day. I'm hoping everyone is doing great, and have a wonderful week! Love,

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