Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 4, 2009

Unfortunately, I had to get my bike seriously worked on. I'm roughly 260 lbs (at least a month ago I was, haven't checked recently) and the back tire just wasn't wanting to support that. I had to get a double-walled tire and it checked out. The tire was getting constantly all wobbly and bent out of shape and scraping against the brakes really bad. I still need to get a couple things fixed, but they may be things I can figure out on my own...hopefully, they're kind of annoying. I got a call from the mission asking me about the warranty and all that, and I really don't know anything about it, and I already had it in the shop. It turns out if I had gotten it to Fresno, I could've gotten it fixed a lot cheaper because of all the bikes they buy from the place there. But then again, I'm a good, 2, 2 1/2 hours from Fresno, so it wouldn't have been realistic. I'm sorry about having to call and ask for the money in the account, but I didn't have a choice.

This week went really well. We had two of our investigators commit to baptism this week, which is always fantastic. The mother had been investigating off and on for 11 years and is now excited about it. They won't get baptised until sometime in the middle of June, because her husband has to go out of town for work for about a month, so it had to be pushed back, but it's going to happen, which is great.

Transfers happen two weeks from Wednesday, which I'm kind of nervous about. Last transfer, I pretty much knew what to expect. Elder Whitney was going home, and so I pretty much just assumed I would stay here, and I did. This time I don't have any idea what's going to happen to me. Elder Jorgensen is thinking that I'll be transfered out since it's my first area, but who knows. Either way, it'll all work out.

Karen is getting so close. It seems so unreal because I'm not there to see it progressively happening, but I think it's so awesome. Poor kid, both a Barnard and a Jacobs. He'll be all over the place.

For my Mother's Day call, I will be calling home at about approximately 4:30 -your- time. We have to squeeze our calls in between when we get out of church and when we have our next appointment. I hope that time will be ok. I'll be calling from our cell phone from our apartment. I'm not sure why they're doing that, but they decided that's the way they're going to do it this time. I get 45 minutes, so, I'll be looking forward to that.

Everyone out here is freaking out over this swine flu thing. It's kind of pitiful. Mass histeria over the littlest thing...swine flu, sars, west nile, whatever the fad is that happens to be going around. Everyone with a cold tells us that we have to keep our distance because they may have swine flu. I didn't get my nap last week, but it was a busy p-day. This week shouldn't be that bad, so I'm really hoping today will be the day! I look forward to calling Sunday, and I hope all is going pretty well at home and with everyone!!

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