Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

Well, I'll start out by saying that I'm getting transferred. I've been in the Modesto 5th Ward for 4 1/2 months, but am now moving to the Visalia 2nd Ward. I leave Wednesday. I keep hearing "It's so nice down there!" Then I'll hear twice as many people saying "It's about 10 degrees hotter down there." It got up into the 110+ degrees yesterday when they were telling me that, so...we'll see. Yeah, it's been up in the 100s lately. That's not too unusual here in the valley, I guess. It had been pretty mild so far, which is unusual for the area, with weather only in the 80s or so. But yeah, apparently I got attached to the ward here, more than I had thought. They had me bear my testimony at the end of sacrament meeting. It went fine. I blubbered though.

This morning was great! Our bishop took us to his office and to a sporting goods store. He is a big game hunter, who has been doing it for 15 years. His office is so stuffed with exotic animals/animal heads that he has to lend them out to various stores to put them on display. I'll be sending another picture CD soon. I took a lot of pictures. I swear, that man has any animal that is in existence...including those that no one knew existed...weird looking stuff, some of it. He gave each of us a strip of elephant skin as well...pretty sweet.

This last week had been really good. We redoubled our efforts and were able to teach twice as many lessons this week as last. We were also able to find a few new people to teach. We had been finding it hard to find anyone new or to catch anyone at home to teach, so our gusto had been lacking. Oh yeah, my new companion's name will be Elder Dixon, and it's an all-biking area. Elder Jorgensen's new companion will be Elder Taylor that was in my MTC district. Apparently they are just switching us because he's currently in the Visalia 2nd Ward. I'm bummed about leaving this area because I know everyone in the ward very well, and I know the area very well and I've been getting well entrenched in my little comfort zone. Also, there are a few baptisms, and maybe more, that will happen here this next transfer that I really wanted to be here for. The three that are set were supposed to happen this transfer, but all got pushed back for one reason or another. However it'll be great to be moving on and experiencing new things and meeting new people. I've gotten to the point here where I wasn't sure what else I could accomplish in this area. It'll be good. It's nice that it's a desert here, because it isn't raining on us most of the year. It gets kinda hot though. But there's relatively no humidity, so it wouldn't be like Illinois or Missouri. Today will be busy packing, along with everything else. I think I'll take off to spend the rest of my time while I'm waiting for others to get done, writing real letters. I'm not a fast writer (I prefer typing), so I don't get too many letters written, so sorry about that to anyone who hasn't been written for awhile. I hope you're all doing really well.

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