Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 8, 2009

Yeah, I got the message from the mission about Drew! It totally made my day. It takes like a week between the time when a letter is sent and the time I get it, I think. It has to come to the mission office, then get forwarded onto me. This week's been full of mostly good news, let me tell you. I get the message saying that Drew was born. Later I find out that we are going to the Fresno temple on the 18th (it says in our resource binder that it's once every three transfers, but it apparently is every other transfer), I find out about Dustan's mission call today (really awesome!!). Good times, good times. I found myself this week (several times, weirdly enough) wanting to watch Pee Wee's Big Adventure. So was Drew born with a mischievous 'Clifford' smile, big lips, horns, an Indiana Jones hat on...any of that? Make sure that Dustan knows that he shouldn't bring his Pokemon on his mission--or is he still saving those for his honeymoon? HAA HAA. I'm so excited; I think our missions are even near each other, if not butting. We were doing our weekly planning on Friday, and then our stake correlation. It all took several hours of sitting at the desk. I may rationalize it to be because I was in an uncomfortable chair on a plastic desk with no computer and I wasn't about to lay down or lounge, but I found something to be very disconcerting. I found myself being very antsy and restless. I wanted to get moving and go out and work, to be doing something more than sitting around. I have this fear. I fear that when I get home eventually, I'll have to retrain myself to be able to sit in front of the computer of television for hours on end. It will be difficult, but where there's a will, there's a way. Like I said before, it says in our resource binder that it's every 4.5 months that we get to go to the temple, but apparently it's wrong and we can go on the 18th. I'm excited about that for sure. It still kills me how small it is. The changing rooms are itty-bitty, so sticking a few zones into them was interesting last time, and will be again. Alright, I'm reenergized for the week. I'd better get on with it.
Elder Barnard the 2nd
(Michael was the first and Dustan will be the 3rd...elder, anyway)

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