Monday, July 27, 2009

July 20, 2009

Well, I'm not at the Sequoias. We might go next week...I don't know. The zone leaders were talking about maybe doing that for a zone activity. I doubt it'll happen to be honest. It's ok though. We'll have today to spend in the apartment. Last Monday we took maybe two hours taking pictures with "lightsabers"...or in other words, holding cans of shaving cream and then the other person holding scripture highlighter leads in front of the camera. Fun stuff. Also last Monday another spoke broke...grrrr... I'm babying that thing, but it's a piece of junk. So it's in the shop again today, and may be there for a few days they say. I got the info on truing the tires. I'm afraid to do it to be honest, but I'll probaby try it on the front wheel when I get the bike back. The rim on it is fine. No permanent damage that I know of has happened to it. As far as my bank account, we aren't going to Walmart today, so I won't be at an ATM, but I may have to take the 30 dollars out next Monday. I'm hoping my debit card doesn't get rejected again this time. I have it at the other bike shop here in town.

Jeanette, did you know anyone by the last name of Cozzens when you served in Powell? There's an Elder Cozzens here that went to that ward.

We had a really good zone conference this week. It really pumped me up while I was there. Then, inevitably, I leave and the wave of 110 degree weather hits me, zaps me of all energy and vigor. It's interesting battling that. Visalia is very similar to Modest, but it's a little more rural. We have teamups and dinners pretty much every night, which is great. In our area is everything from fairly well off areas to places that are pretty guetto. We have an investigator, Ann, that will be baptized this Friday, so we have to finish those preparations. Our district leader covers the spanish-speaking in all Visalia and I was on an exchange with his companion while he came here with Elder Dickson. I was so lost--language-wise anyway. Here I am sitting or standing there all day, not talking to anyone really because we don't speak the same language. There was one investigator they had that thought it very funny that I am very tall. He kept cupping his hands to his mouth and shouting (in spanish) "Everybody move!" I guess I reminded him of Andre the Giant in Princess Bride. I spent all day with a dazed half-smile on my face. It was interesting. It was fun.

I guess my pictures will have to wait another week. I still don't have them on cds as I forgot my card last week and we won't be at Walmart this week. I'll actually get letters written today, I promise. I keep promising this, but today I will. I hope everyone is doing great!

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