Friday, July 10, 2009

July 5, 2009

Alright, I have to make this very short because I don't have much time. This is borrowed time because I forgot to bring my proof of address to get a library card for Visalia's libraries. In answer to your question, Mom, my shirt size as far as I know is 17 (it's the size of all my shirts, albeit a bit snug sometimes), but I really don't need any more shirts at this time, but thank you anyway. Our Fourth of July was interesting. We spent the evening with a couple of member families at their house (they were doing a BBQ party thing with games and whatever else). We couldn't be out without someone else past 7:00. We watched the fireworks from our apartment that evening. I'm now in the Visalia 2nd Ward and my companion's name is Elder Dickson. We get along really great, so that's good. He's from Cody, Wyoming (Jeanette, was that one of your areas or not?) and has been out only a transfer more than me. Last Tuesday my bike kept breaking on me. It was weird. First I find that a spoke had broken. Later I look and it turns out another one did as well. Then I sit on my bike later that afternoon and one of the springs that hold my bike seat on breaks in half (it's still ridable). Then later, I find that my bike tire is really low. It all happened within a couple of hours. Sheesh. I had to keep riding it for the week though (I aired up the tire). It's in the shop now for the spokes. I'm hoping it'll be a quick fix. He said he's try to have it done today, but no promises. Ok, I have to run as I'm out of time. I'll write more next promises. I hope everything is going well for everyone!

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