Monday, August 10, 2009

Aug. 10, 2009

Some Elders in Aaron's area
I didn't know he could do a pogo stick!
Care to see Aaron's new friend?

We didn't get an e-mail from Aaron last week since he was finally able to go to Sequoia National Park on his P-day and didn't have any time to get to the library to e-mail us. We did get a letter this week though. (That's how we knew he went to the park.) He said that it was very tiring since they hiked most of the day. They climbed Mt. Baldy and saw two of the biggest sequoia trees -- General Grant and General Sherman. I'm sure he took lots of pictures which we will see later.
He said that transfer calls were Saturday (two days ago). Of course he wrote the letter prior to Saturday, so we don't know what the results of that call are. I'm assuming he will stay where he is since he's only been there one transfer. You never know though; I've seen missionaries come and go that quickly.

I'm attaching a few photos that Aaron sent a week or two ago. He sent a bunch, so I'll attach some and then some more later. Anyway, he is doing well. We should hear some more today.

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