Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

Well, I'm in my new area. It's just north of my last area. I'm excited for this transfer. We get to help with the grape harvest and we'll have a temple trip too. There are...were...maybe...five baptism dates set in this ward already. One of them has fallen through, and we've had to push most of the rest back until later, but I feel confident that a few of them will happen at least.

Surprise, surprise, I got another couple of flats this week. The thing is, Visalia has the goatheads. 2nd ward area had one place where you were likely to run into them. 1st Ward, I swear instead of using gravel to put into the asphalt to make the roads, they pave the roads with them. My front tire had already had, at least some of the Slime in it from before. I had to go buy a bottle because I kept getting slow leaks. It'll do fine now, maybe. They do make the solid rubber or foam tires, but I don't think they make them in my size tire. I'm not sure. 1st Ward, I swear, has more small children than they have youth and adults. The entire congregation was filled with children, and none of them all too quiet. It's weird, I keep running into people from 2nd Ward.

Elder Bean is great. We get along really good. He's more serious and a little severe at times, and very strict to the littlest rules and has to be as he's the district leader, which is good. I worked hard last transfer, but wasn't always the most reverent I could've been. It'll be good for me. Being the companion to a district leader has its ups and downs. The downs are things like: at night he has to make and receive lots of phone calls, so doing our nightly planning is difficult. Other times it cuts into our working time because he has to do meeting stuff or baptism interviews. However, the pros outweigh the cons. I never, no, not once, have to carry the phone! Wa ha ha! I'm going to get spoiled and out of the habit for later, but I don't care.

It turns out, now, I can receive pictures attached to my email, but would also like real prints of stuff. I can only look at pictures on my e-mails if I search for them through the emails when I'm at the library. Whereas if I have prints, they go in my album. Sorry no letters were written yesterday. It was crazy busy. I didn't get half the stuff I wanted/had to do. I didn't get letters written, shoes shined, desk cleaned, bike serviced (by myself), and definitely no nap taken for sure. Next Monday I will devote lots of time and be faster. They'll get written soon. I hope you all have a great week!

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