Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 15, 2009

The California Sequoias
Aaron inside the trunk of a Sequoia

Aaron's birthday in August

There was a crazy homeless guy that wanted to talk to us when we pulled up to the library on our bikes just now. He wanted to talk. He ended up talking a lot about nothing, showed us a bullet (which he stuck in his mouth, for some reason), then lifting his shirt to show his deformed torso where he apparently took the full load of a shotgun. Then he went on his merry little way. All the crazies are in 2nd ward, so it's been a little while. Last transfer was, they were everywhere. Speaking of transfers, this Saturday are transfer calls. That's always so crazy, because you just never know.

An elder in our district had to get a root canal this past week, like Jason. Unlike Jason, he was back to working an hour later and never felt any pain from it. Me, I'm just glad I have healthy teeth. *knock on wood...really hard. I don't really need any prints from the sequoias, but if I could get one of each of those two baptisms at the beginning of my mission, that'd be great. Any other pictures would be great. I'd still love one of the Hamel house--preferably one/some of it in the later years of us living there. I just don't remember that second cedar tree. Oh, and Lady.

I don't know where the Oregon Trail CD would be, probably in the basement. It's old enough you could download from some web site. Just be careful where you download anything from, and run it through an anti-virus. So have they made an ultimate HP trivia game? They had better do so by the time I return home.

We may, or may not, be having a baptism here, this weekend. We're down to the wire here with Brianna. She wants to, but needs her dad's permission, etc. It's a long story. If not this weekend, it'll happen next, or maybe the next. We were asked to do the speaking during which the baptizees were getting changed after their baptism, on Sunday. I always like doing that.

I put my bike wheels into the shop yesterday to get the spoke replaced and the tires trued. I have the instruction on how to tru them myself, but I'm afraid I'll mess them up really bad. I'll get the nerve to do it sometime, I'm sure. I got them back today. It's nice having a repaired bike.

One of the Wilson boys is a Mhong branch president out here somewhere, isn't he? I think I remember President Wilson saying something like that. In this area, knowing Mhong or Thai is almost as needful as knowing Spanish. We got a call on Thursday saying to cancel any Friday night appointments. We were supposed to go to Hanford to attend a two hour orientation, and go back that night with a couple of priest-age young men. The deal was going to be, the Hanford stake set up a thing where they go on splits with missionaries for the weekend, to prepare them for their own missions. Unfortunately, only 10 out of 21 of the guys who signed up, showed up. We got mostly there (about an hour drive) when they called us and told us, “Never mind.” Oh well.

Ummm...well I've been sitting here, for seriously 15 minutes, looking through my planner and staring at the computer, trying to think of anything else to say. I really can't think of anything, so I'll just end it here. I hope all are doing well. Bye.

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