Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Ok, this will be brief, because I'm out of time and I just accidentally erased my entire message! :p Ok, well coming out of the library last week, I discovered my bike pump was stolen. It was the first thing that's been stolen from me so far, so I guess I'm not doing too poorly.

The weather is awesome today! It's maybe in the 70s. Yesterday it was still in the 100s. It's really nice not being in a constant state of sweat. I'm really glad I only have to put up with a valley summer one more time in my entire life. Apparently the heat, here, breaks a lot like a fever. It goes and goes until one day it's "winter" (as winter as it gets here). There's no gradual decline or random weather like the Midwest. It just drops like a bag of sand. *foomph* Now I just have the rain and blanket fog to worry about. Good times.

We taught in another baptism on Sunday. Those are always great to be at. That was a real bummer it erased my message. I hope everyone's doing great.

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