Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two Kinds of Cold

I think he washed whites with something red
He's not in this one, but did take the "foolery" picture.

As I mentioned a week ago today, it started to get colder out (which I'm eternally grateful for...I'm through sweating at 9:00 at night by just being outside). However, with the cold, come the colds. I started noticing my symptoms on Friday and was like "!" and on Saturday morning it kicked in full swing. Sunday night my voice started cracking and then almost completely lost it. It turned into an irregular croaking and made it to where either Elder Bean did all the teaching/talking at one point, or I try to talk and it comes out really strained and broken. It's......almost back to good now. Almost... It gets worse if I try to use my voice too much, so I've tried to keep my voice as low as I can and talk as seldom as possible.

General Conference was really good, of course. I didn't take any notes this time or even have my eyes open often due to my being totally out of it. It was rough, but I recognized a few really good talks. My preparation day has been changed for next week only. Because we have a temple trip on Tuesday, next week, our preparation day has been moved to Tuesday for the week so it won't cut into working time. I'll still email on the regular time, but it'll be a tight day. The trip will take maybe four hours, I'm guessing. It'll be weird working on a Monday during the day, let me tell you.

We were really blessed with people to teach this week. We were able to find seven new investigators, none of which were together. It helps, because we have been dropping a lot of our investigators who skip appointments and don't keep appointments. It's like a blood transfusion when the work is dying.

Zone Conference is this week. I always look forward to those. It seems like just recently that we had one, but I guess it has been six weeks since the last one. Our church building here is the stake center, so this one will be just a few blocks down the road. That'll be nice, but I admit I do like traveling to other cities. I have never quite reached cabin fever, but it's really nice getting out of the city every now and then.

Mom, Happy Birthday! It's also Elder Bean's birthday today, interestingly enough. It's interesting hearing things that people are talking about as though it's known knowledge, and haven't any idea what they're talking about. Apparently there is trouble in the Pacific...flooding or something. I have no idea about it. There's a ton of other things that are going on and I have no clue. I almost like it this way for the time being. It helps keep me more focused.

For Halloween, we have to be in by 6:00, unless we're with a member. We'll be in the apartment. They really would rather not have us out then.

My new mini bike pump was ten dollars and fits snugly in my backpack. I haven't gotten a flat for quite some time (knock on...there it is. The chair is wooden that I'm sitting in.), so I'm thankful for that. The Slime helps out a ton.

From talking to an elder that was serving up in Modesto with me, that is now down here, apparently a family I started teaching was baptized. That one really surprised me a lot! I was really excited about it though. One of the greatest things about zone conferences are the paper that says all the names of people who were baptized in what areas. I'm always excited for those.

Again, I apologize for the lack of letters that are being sent out. I need to set some preparation day time aside and turn out as many letters as possible. There's always so much to do (especially since I'm with Elder Bean. I've never cleaned very much in the apartment before or many of the other things that he's precise on the rules of. It's very time-consuming) and I'm always so busy. Soon the letters will come. I hope everyone is doing well.

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