Monday, November 9, 2009

Focus 15 Plan

Well, it's been another week. Later this afternoon we're all playing dodge ball at the stake center. That should be fun, but it'll take a good portion of the day. The stake has taken a real force in the missionary work the past couple of weeks. Apparently something has changed in the stake president's work schedule or something to allow him more time. He has decided to use his time to further the missionary work. I don't know how wide-spread the Focus 15 Plan (Perry Plan) is in the world or if it's just an isolated thing...not sure. Anyway, there's a program where less-active and part-member families are committed by the ward priesthood and auxiliary leaders to take the missionary lessons. There should be 15 being actively taught. When I got here there were 14 on the list, and we went through them and I butchered it down to about 4. There were people who had moved, others who were done, others who were active and done...all sorts of nonsense. Anyway, the stake is taking control of it all and everyone's getting more into it all. This past week was the first time I have knocked on someone's door and been let in to share a lesson. I've taught on doorstep once, and I've had return appointments set, but I've never before been let in while knocking down the doors. It was a peculiar feeling.

Elder Jackson is my first companion that is from a large family. He's the fourth of nine. It's weird. Both of my MTC companions were from Utah, but none of the five I've had since have been from Utah. Everyone's always surprised.

There was a homeless guy this morning outside the library with a big ol' beard that was pretty messed up. He was normal looking for a homeless guy, except he had this really deep voice and he kept chanting some kind of demonic tone. Everyone was purposefully looking away. All the missionaries in front of the door, including myself, couldn't help but laugh pretty hard (although kinda silently). It was pretty ridiculous. I can't really think of much else to say, so I hope everyone is having a good week.

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