Monday, December 21, 2009

Aaron is calling on Christmas.

This week is Christmas...weird. It doesn't really feel like it. I'll be having Christmas at a family's home. I'll write another email with the specific information for the call. At Christmas, we get to watch one rated G movie. (It doesn't take much to excite a missionary.) I know nothing about it, but I guess it's supposed to be good; the movie 'Up'. It should be good. We're eating dinner there, getting our call from home, and watching our movie at their house. We also have a late breakfast planned at another family's home. We are getting our packages tomorrow, on the 22nd. I guess they have a special Christmas zone conference in addition to next week's regular zone conference. We'll get packages then. It's disappointing I won't get the CDs until tomorrow, but so be it.
I ate a king crab leg last week. I really do prefer processed foods versus raw substance, but it was a fun experience. Tomorrow we'll be going to Fuddruckers and I hear they have ostrich burgers. I'm really looking forward to that, for sure. Elder Daniels is great. He stays on task and is a hard worker. He's kind of a neat-freak, but that's ok because many of my cleaning ethics have slacked and it was pretty bad. He only has two transfers left. If we're together for another transfer after this, he'll be the fourth companion I send home. Elder Jackson is home, now, which is kind of a weird thought.
As lame as I know it is, as we have no Christmas tree in our apartment, I think Christmas Eve night, I'll put any gifts at the foot of my bed like in Harry Potter. That's going to be pretty awesome.
You might think that the work would be really good around Christmas because everyone would be all excited. Unfortunately, it's kind of the opposite. "...maybe after the holidays settle down." It's been good, though. We've been working a lot more closely with the members this past week. Someone gave us a twelve days of Christmas gift bag thing that has 12 packages in it. Thus far it has been mostly chocolates and various sweets. I guess more insulation can't hurt. It is winter-time.
Hey, it's about to start getting lighter, earlier. I'm looking forward to that. It's nice when it's still light when I go back inside instead of it being 4:30 and getting dark. I don't know how well I would have favored if I were in northern Canada or Alaska and it was the 6 month/6 month thing. I hope everyone has a really great Christmas!!


Aaron also writes that he will be talking to us on Christmas from a member's house. He gives us the phone number and asks that we call there at a certain time. That way the call doesn't cost him anything nor does it cost the California family. We have unlimited long distance, so it's ok from this end too. He can talk for 45 minutes only, so be thinking what you want to say so there is time for all of us to talk.
See most of you soon.

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