Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Awesome week!!!

Ok, I have to make it very, very quick. I had to use an express computer (15 minutes) because all the computers are full, as our ride was late in picking us up. This week has been truly amazing, and it takes a lot for me to say something like that. On Tuesday, Destiny got baptized. That will have been the first baptism in like nine months that I was able to teach, and see baptized while I was still in the area. It was really good. Both parents got emotional and it was good.

We started teaching a couple of really good part-member/less-active families (my favorite kind) that are both interested in learning. We set a baptism date with one of them for the middle of January on the first lesson (a church tour). They came to church on Sunday, which is a sign that they will actually go through with it.

On Saturday, it was truly amazing. I don't have time right now to tell the whole story, but suffice it to say that I was surprised to find out that the baptism that we were asked to help at was for Jeanne Fisher, the 82 yr old lady that had the stroke at the first part of my mission. It was incredible. I got really, really close to her and all her family while I was in Modesto last time. Now I got to be there and participate in the program. I was more thrilled than I could imagine.

Transfer calls come this Saturday. President Gonzalez asked Elder Jackson in an interview if I was ready to take over the area, so I'm sure I'm staying. He's still going home next week, and trying not to get too trunky. Some pretty good stuff is happening. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping sane and merry in this time of year. Later--


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