Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Modesto

Well, to start, Christmas was great. During the day, most of what we did was watch movies. Mr Kruger's Christmas, Joy to the World, and of course, Mulan. We chose Mulan because once we thought about it in consideration, we couldn't get the songs out of our heads. It surprises me that it's rated G with some of the stuff in there, with the violence and stuff, when other movies that are harmless are PG. I don't trust the rating system at all. Critics and the rating people make no sense. By the way, the songs are still going through our heads. Good times. I kept getting giddy when the movie was starting because I didn't have to turn away from the TV. It really doesn't take much, does it? Christmas dinner was really good too. It cracked me up that Pakamer put in her two cents on the phone call by rubbing her head against it. That is, at least, my take on it. Dustan was able to call home for two hours, I hear. That's so crazy. My mission was very adament -- 40 Minutes. Every mission is different.

This next week is New Years. That's really weird to me because the decade is almost over. On New Years Eve we go into our apartment at 6:00. It's weird, but as a missionary I'm glad that the Christmas season is getting over. By that, I mean that now people may be less busy where they can actually let us visit them. The work has been really slow the past few weeks because people have been so preoccupied with Christmas that they don't have time for to think about Jesus. It's a little backwards, but that seems to be the way of it. It's almost 2010. How weird is that? I'm getting to be an old man. In this next year, I'll reach the point where I'm a quarter century old. However weird that may be to me, I'm sure it's even weirder to you, Mom and Dad.

I met a guy last night that said he had been to Salem, MO before. He works for some cannery that works with US Foods. It's very seldom that I've met people that know where home is. Elder Daniels, on the other hand...he's from St. George, UT, where there are two YSA -stakes-, alone. Everyone he runs into know people he knows or have relatives that live there or whatnot. It's pretty weird, because I've yet to meet anyone, my entire mission, who has known anyone that I know.

Today we're going to have our zone activity. I don't know what it's going to be, but it'll likely be something like volleyball or kickball. We'll see. Zone conferences are going to be different starting the first of the year. They're moving them from every six weeks to every month. They're also making them smaller. They used to have three. One for the north zones, one for all the Fresno ones, and one for the south. Now they're making it to where there are only going to be two zones per conference. They're wanting to make them more often and smaller groups, but I think they may kill themselves with how often they're going to be. We'll see. Speaking of, we had our special Christmas zone conference this past Tuesday. It was mostly normal, except Santa and Mrs. Claus were there, and they showed a slide show DVD of pictures missionaries sent in. I, I regret now, didn't send any in. I send all my pictures home though, so I'm not worried about it. It was a lot of fun. So everyone, I hope you had a good Christmas, have a good New Years, and a good week.


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