Monday, December 14, 2009

Staying in Modesto

Well, we got our transfer calls last night. Elder Jackson, naturally, is going home this week. I'm staying here in Modesto 8th and my new companion is going to be Elder Daniels. Elder Daniels is currently one of our zone leaders. It'll be interesting, but it'll be fun. A lot of people in the zone are being moved out. There are three elders here that have been here for nine months and they're all going.

This past week we took a guy that we had met on the street a few weeks ago and helped him fix his bike, on a church tour. We committed him to baptism for January. Unfortunately, he didn't show up for church. It's amazing how fast the Spirit can act on people though, during the church tours. It's something that's slowly spreading across the mission. I'm sure it'll be a program that will spread elsewhere as well. It isn't going too far too fast because they don't want to stretch it too thin.

We were invited to a member's home last night for pie, hot chocolate, and a lesson. I'm pretty sure they were actually just trying to advertise their two daughters that just returned home from college for Christmas, to Elder Jackson. It makes me laugh. It really does.

I'm not really sure what time I'll be calling on Christmas. I guess it'll have to be sometime in the evening. We'll see.

Yesterday and today are and are going to be extremely busy. Not only do I have to clean the apartment very well, and Elder Jackson will have to finish packing and getting all that done...all the members seemingly want to spend time with Elder Jackson before he goes home. We have five appointments today...on a preparation day. Four of those are in the evening and one is a lunch that a member insisted on taking us on. It's going to be crammed, and I'd better get to it. I hope everyone is doing great!

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