Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Ward in Modesto

January 26, 2010

I'll be staying in Modesto. I'm not staying in the same ward, however. I'll be moving to the 2nd Ward. This'll be the third Modesto ward I've served in. My new companion's name is Elder Hansen. He's been there a transfer and is the district leader there. I really don't know him too well, except that he's quiet and fairly easy-going. Elder Daniels (my current companion) will be training for his last transfer, so I don't know who his companion will be. My new area's boundaries are really bizarre. 8th ward is tiny and is pretty much a small box of the map. 2nd ward is this really weird snake-looking thing. I'm not sure why they split it all up that way. It's pretty random-looking.

Today is going to be hectic. They've been adding/enforcing a lot of rules about preparation day which makes us have less time than before. I'm getting my hair cut, have to pack, and do all the regular preparation day activities. I'll most definitely not have time for a nap this day. I haven't really had one recently, so I'm not too surprised.

I got very wet this week. The valley doesn't get much rain. When it comes, though, it surely does. It was never a hard rain, but it was in great abundance. The streets flood because the ground can't soak it in and it's all pretty wet, biking in it. There was one point where I was on an exchange in 3rd ward and we had to come in after two or three hours because we were completely soaked through and cold. We threw our stuff into their dryer (they live in a member's home) and accidentally fell asleep. It was very comfortable, I admit.

Something occurred to me on Sunday. Most people that are giving a talk will talk more about them preparing to give the talk and/or apologizing, than actually giving the talk itself. There was one person who spent about five or ten minutes on that part alone.

I'm still excited about the missionaries coming to stay at the house. That's pretty wild. I'd better get on with the day. I hope you're all doing well!


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