Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb. 1, 2010

I'm a year old. I'm so old. I'm happy. It's not that I'm looking forward to my mission being over at all. It's just a great mile-marker. 6 months meant I wasn't a greeny. 10 months was double digits--booya. 1 year means everyone may stop telling me, "Oh, well you've got a long way to go," etc. This is the point where I'm between 12 and 18 months, where after that, you're about to go home in everyone's eyes. It's a relatively short period of time where you can be a respectable missionary that is seasoned without being trunky. Ramble, ramble...

An awesome thing happened my first day in my new ward. A few months ago, Elder Jackson and I street contacted a lady who told us that all her mom's ancestry is Mormon and they were pioneers and all that. Her mom left the church long ago and converted to Catholicism, and all the kids were raised Catholic. We gave them as a referral to 2nd ward because they were in the process of moving there. After several months of not hearing anything about it, they were able to contact her and the first lesson we shared with her was my first day in the 2nd ward. She had really been prepared before that lesson. It was pretty amazing. It showed me that I am supposed to be where I am.

We had the Modesto Stake Conference yesterday. It was really good. Elder Whiting, a 70 of some kind, came and spoke. President and Sister Gonzalez (mission president and wife) also came and spoke briefly. It was all really powerful and good. I covered my planner. I'm really happy with it. I couldn't find any adequate pictures to cover it with last time, so I only taped it the way it was. This one, though, I'm very happy with. Oh, I guess I didn't say--the transfer went well. I really didn't have far to go. 2nd ward is one of 8th ward's boundaries.

Oh, I ate Indian food last night. Elder Hansen and I are getting along well. There's this one Figian family in the ward where when you go there, they expect you to wait while they make food and have you eat, no matter what time of day it is. It's offensive if you don't. Fish curry and spicy buffalo wings. My mouth was on fire. Indian spice is very different than Mexican peppers. It was definitely an experience.

Today, we will be spending a large amount of preparation day cleaning. 2nd ward's apartment is a rat's nest and it's largely covered in mold (the bathroom, at least.) It's terrible. I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and the fridge of all bad and old food. Some of the food was sitting open to air, while others had been expired for a few years. There were old prescriptions and everything else imaginable. Today the deep cleaning begins. I'm actually looking forward to that. I hope everyone has a great week!


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