Monday, March 15, 2010

Great Baptism

Daylight Savings Time kills! Apart from the lack of sleep, no one was at church. It was kind of funny and sad the amount of people who showed up for ward council and then sacrament. Everyone forgot (as we would have if a member hadn't reminded us the night before.) It was fine, though. We taught the Restoration at a baptism for another ward on Sunday. That was pretty amazing. There were more people at the baptism than there was at our sacrament. I'm not sure if this is saying something against our attendance or the attendance at the baptism...but it's kind of both. 2/3 of the gym was filled (and this is a building close to the layout of the Edwardsville building). The Spirit was very strong and I still just can't get over how many people showed up the support that person. It was incredible.

I finished covering my new planner. I'm very, very happy with it. It looks amazing, quite frankly. It's the little things that excite a missionary.

I've had a cold the past week/week and a half. It made me mostly groggy the whole time. I'm almost completely better now, though.

I watched Together Forever for the first time (I think) this week, with an investigator. It was really great because it completely was made for him. All the clips seemed to focus on him and his life situations. We'll be having our zone conference tomorrow. Those are always great.

I had a dream last night that Elder Hansen (my companion) had super powers. I told him that in the dream he was telekinetic and that I was convincing him to fly. He really liked the idea that he had super powers in my dream. I don't really have terribly too much else to say, I guess. I just hope everyone is doing well.

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