Monday, April 5, 2010

I loved General Conference

General Conference was amazing. This weekend was the first time I had ever really appreciated it. When I was home, I would slog through as little of it as I could justify and get on with my life. The last April Conference, I was newly out and still had much of the same mentality as before. The October one, I was pretty sick and I was pretty out of it the whole time I was watching it. I remembered Elder Holland's talk on the Book of Mormon (who could forget it?), but that was pretty much all I got out of it. This time I took six pages of notes (front and back) on college ruled paper and got so much out of (most of) the talks given. I really loved Elder Holland's talk, as well as the ones on family history, family, and person revelation and responsibility. We watched a couple of the sessions at member's homes, then the rest at the stake center, here in Modesto. I discerned a lot of the things I need to do to help our investigators and to find, as well as things I need to do in my personal life, during Conference. I really loved it.

We had our Easter dinner right after the last session on Sunday at a member's home. They were having a big family meal and afterward they gave both of us a big Easter basket each. I got the Easter box. Thanks so much! I loved the picture of Pakamer on her back, half-hanging off the couch. It seemed like a pretty typical pose.

It's temporarily back to being kind of cold and rainy the past week or so, but spring is inevitably just around the corner. It's actually already spring. It's been spring for a couple of months now, but it's still occasionally jacket weather. It can be in the fifties, though, and not be jacket weather. I've become acclimated to the climate here. It feels hot when it's in the 70s. Last fall, when it hit the 70s, I was freezing so badly. Summer will be coming on soon enough. I have a couple of months before it really sets in, but once it's here, I'll know it.

Today (as every Monday is) will be pretty busy. Thankfully we will not be going off to play dodge ball, basketball, volleyball, or any other kind of ball (I enjoy those things, but they are timely activities), today. Today I am cutting my hair, writing letters that I'm backed up on, and cleaning the apartment. The apartment got to a point where it wasn't disgusting anymore, so a lot of the fun has gone out of it, and a lot of it is to normal maintenance (sweeping, dusting, etc). It needs all that, and more of the deep cleaning. I bought a new scrub brush weeks ago and haven't used it once.

It's all been pretty busy. I hit my 14 month mark yesterday. We are going to be having a zone conference, tomorrow. I have a package I need to be making soon, to send home. Most of the stuff that's within it are stuff that I've had sitting around for awhile that just need to get sent at some point. It's building up, though. Some of it that I was going to send, at one point, I won't, though. Some of it is just junk that I've collected.

There's a member family that told us this past week that they want us to come live in their home. It would be amazing. They're really good ward missionaries, have a good home for it, live in a pretty central location in a nice neighborhood... It'll just be a matter of time. It likely won't happen anytime soon, but it would be amazing if we could live there. I've never lived in a member's home, before. That's the way the mission is pushing, though. It's much cheaper, and better overall. So, what did you all do for Easter? Have a great week!


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