Monday, April 26, 2010

Lots of Service

April 26, 2010
(I just put in this post and the next one too, so you'll need to read both.)--Mom

Well, here we are on Round 3. This is the third transfer that Elder Hansen and I are in the Modesto 2nd Ward. It really doesn't seem like it's been that long. It only feels like this is our second, maybe. We did a lot of service this week. We've been more willing than usual to help members in whatever they need. Saturday involved a lot. The whole morning consisted of a semi-annual deep cleaning of the church building. The one I'm in is the oldest one in Modesto. It was built in the 50s, is made of brick (almost nothing was made of brick here), and is two stories! It's a two story church building. I had never seen one before I came here. ...Well, I might've once, but I'm not sure. It's much cleaner than it was before. Right afterwards, a member asked us to come over and turn over the dirt along the fence in their back yard. It always amazes me when I dig in California dirt and it's easy to do. With very little effort, a shovel can dig into and pull up a shovelful. It's not quite that way in the Ozarks. That same night we were pulling weeds at an investigator's house.

We had a ward activity on Friday with a really great turnout. It was a potluck. It had a much better turnout than their previous efforts with no food and just a game night...things like that. The secret to making people happy and plentiful in attendance is food. It's a universal law, I think.

The ward had its ward conference on Sunday. It was very similar to the one when I was in 8th Ward (same stake). It was like watching a good movie for the second time, except there were little things that changed to fit local circumstances.

I'm in the process of making a new map and ward lists. I copied a map, made it the right size and color-coded the areas and all the preparation work. I'm now in the process of taping it. Once the areas are color-coded and the ward list is also color-coded, it'll make finding people a lot easier. It's finding the few minutes here and there to do it that makes it a slow process.

I can't believe it's been four months since Christmas and that April is almost over. Mother's Day is only a couple of weeks away, too. How weird is that. I'm not sure, yet, what is going on for the call. It'll likely be sometime in the afternoon/early afternoon (our time). I should be mailing a box today that will have my picture CD. Have a great week!


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