Saturday, April 3, 2010

March 29, 2010

Well, finally I was able to get Aaron's blog website to work right. For the past couple of weeks I could not get it to sign in so that I could put his emails on. It was frustrating. I did put them on mine, but all of you don't see that. So here they are. We should get another one on Monday. Cross your fingers; you may get to read another.

March 29, 2010

I had salmon, this week. It was the second time I've had fish on my mission, and the second time I've had fish (unless, of course, you count tuna or fish sticks). It was pretty good. It isn't my favorite thing, but it's good.

I had a pretty cool experience happen, as well. We got a call from another companionship in the area because someone needed a blessing in the hospital that is in our area, here. It turns out it's from the 5th ward, where I started my mission. The guy who needed the blessing had had a heart attack, or something. I knew the family pretty well. I was able to catch up a little on their lives in the past year. Also, their home teacher turns out to be Bro. Mau. When I met them, he was a member, and very less-active. The rest of the family were not members of the church. I started teaching them and they started really doing well. After I left, they were all baptized. Now, they're all doing well and active, more of their extended family are joining the church, and he's a dedicated home teacher that is giving priesthood blessings. It was an awesome afternoon to be around them and see the change.

We had a good Sunday. We had four investigators at sacrament meeting. They all seemed to have had a really good experience there. They all stayed the full time, as well. We were pretty excited.

I think it's crazy that General Conference is this weekend. We just had it, but here it is, again. On the other hand, even Christmas seems just recent, but that was three months ago. To hear that Andrew is starting to walk and talk is pretty weird to me. After all, he's only -4 months old. I'm going to try to take a lot of pictures today and the following week, and get a CD made next Monday. I have maybe two or three transfers-worth of pictures on this card. I'm afraid of it doing like that last card did.

We have our zone activity this afternoon. I'm sure it'll be volleyball or something. That's good, though. I like volleyball. It's a good day.

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