Monday, April 26, 2010

Staying in Modesto 2nd Ward

April 20, 2010

It's just so crazy. We had to wait an extra day to hear about transfer calls, again. The crazy part is that Elder Hansen and I will be staying together in the Modesto 2nd Ward for a third transfer, together! I've only heard of it happening a couple of other times, myself. It just doesn't happen. It's a good thing we get along. We've been joking the past couple of weeks about the idea of us staying together again. The thing is, everything we say to each other (any story, comment, or opinion), the other one says "You've already told me that before." It's mostly my stories, actually. I'm a story-teller and it turns out I've told most of my stories to him at one time or another in the past few months. He'll be having his 21st birthday this transfer, as well. I think this'll make it my fifth companion out of the seven that will have had their birthday while I was with them.

We had a really busy day on Saturday. Our days are usually pretty busy, and if they aren't, we make them busy. This, on the other hand, was rushing around all day as fast as we could because we had appointment after appointment. We also had some service-yard work we did in the afternoon. It was nice getting a weed eater out and destroying four foot tall grass and weeds and getting covered in plant muck.

The day of transfer calls (well, the day they're supposed to be) are always a little stressful, anyway. You never really know when the call is going to come. If it's any kind of leadership position for yourself or your companion, the call can come anytime in the morning or afternoon. Otherwise you're likely to get the call sometime in the late evening. We've been making goals and plans for the upcoming month and a half. We're going to change some things up in both our missionary work, as well as the apartment. I'm not sure how we're going to go about it, yet, but some of the furniture is going to be moved around to give it a new look. The new look should give it a fresh look, I'm hoping. It'll be a good transfer.

I'm making a picture cd today. I'll mail it next week. I have a bunch of other stuff that I'll need to mail home, so I'll put it in a box. Umm....I can't really think of much else to write on here, so I'll write again in...oh...let's say, a week.


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