Monday, May 24, 2010

Another transfer is coming

So, do I go or do I stay?

Aaron among the wildflowers

Charlie and Phainyara's baptism has been postponed. It was really quite a bummer. Their dad wants them to learn more and show more effort, which is understandable. Their date has been postponed for a couple of weeks. Victoria, whom I started teaching and passed over to the YSA branch, will be getting baptized this coming Sunday. She's here at the library and told us. I knew she had a date, but I didn't know when. The craziest thing happened at church, yesterday. There was a member of the ward giving a talk, and all the sudden he keels over and faints with a loud crash. He's fine and all, and is getting tests done to see what's wrong (it's not the first time, I guess), but it was bizarre. I was reminded of that part in the movie 'Dave' when he collapses at the podium. After a minute or two, he got up and they helped him out. It was an interesting sacrament meeting after that, since he was the first speaker.

Saturday morning, a member called us and asked if we could help them replace their roof. We only had a couple of hours available until our appointments started, but we did what we could. He has wood shingles now. I had never imagined such a thing until I came out here. I guess it's dry enough that those kind of things work and they will be good for like 15-25 years or something...crazy-go-nuts) and is tearing it all up and replacing it all with regular asphalt ones. I enjoyed being up there and was wishing I could stay up there all day. It was fun and very productive feeling (as far as regular manual labor goes). Elder Hansen had never been up on a roof before, however. He was not a fan at all. He didn't like how he was having to walk on rafters and wooden slats, all of which were at a good angle. He was glad he was done, but I'm hoping he'll need more help with it, this week.

Elder Hansen and I will both be giving talks next Sunday. That'll be a first for me, giving a talk on my mission (in church, at least). Transfer calls will be on Saturday, so we don't know who will be going or staying. Elder Hansen has been here for four transfers and I've been here three. I figure I'll stay, or we'll be doubled out. I'm guessing I'll be staying, though, and that will be ok. I like it in this ward. I was at an investigator's home the other day and she was babysitting her grandson. They had The Incredibles playing in the background. Not only was I surprised of how much of it I still had memorized (not only the quotes, but also the inflections and sound effects), but also of how distracting such a thing can be when we're supposed to be teaching. Yikes.

It's been chilly the past week or so. It sprinkled a little a few days ago. Everyone's pretty shocked by it all. By this time, it should be much warmer. It was a much wetter winter than usual, so that may or may not have anything to do with it. I'm hoping it's a mild summer, but that hope will be vain, I'm sure. I know more of what I'm getting into with this one, though. I hope everyone is doing great, and I hope you have a good week!

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