Monday, May 10, 2010

Good to talk to you all.

I'll have to make this kind of short. We made our reservations here at the library, then went to do our shopping, and got back too late. I only have this computer for 50 minutes, but also will be sharing that time with Elder Hansen, as his computer was taken by the time we got back. It was so nice talking to everyone on Sunday! Most of the things we talked about had already been discussed via email or regular mail, but to hear each other's voices is always great. It may be in the letter you sent, Mom, but did you get my package I sent home?

We had our zone conference earlier this week. Twice a year, they have the big ones like they used to (I think I mentioned this last week, but I'm not sure), so it was out of town and there were a lot of missionaries there. Things are really beginning to pick up in our area. We have been changing the way we've been doing things, a bit, lately, and I think it's starting to work.

All the stakes in California did a Mormon Helping Hands project where we cleaned up parks. It wasn't nearly as big a job as I thought it was going to be. Mostly it was painting, weeding, or picking up trash, but there was a huge turnout and we all wore the yellow vests with the hands and everything. It was a lot of fun.

I ran into a family I taught at the beginning of my mission, the Mau's, this morning at Wal-Mart (That was why we were late getting back to the library, actually.). I had run into him once before, but his wife, who had gotten baptized soon after I left, was there this time. He's in the elders’ quorum presidency, now, and they're really doing great. There was such a change in each of their countenances, since I had first met them. It was really great. I think she was going in for the hug when I came over to them, but I diverted it into a handshake, and all was well.

Both Elder Hansen and I were talking about how weird it always is after you call home, yesterday. Once you get off the phone, it's kind of like, "Well...that's that, then. Hmm... Yep." It's a strange sort of happening when the two worlds collide. I'll have another call, but it was especially weird for Elder Hansen because he goes home in October, so this was his last call home.

I'm definitely cutting my hair today. It has gotten too long to be acceptable back home, let alone the mission. I hope everyone has a great week!


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