Monday, May 3, 2010

I'll be calling on Sunday

I still can't really believe I'll be calling home next weekend. Well, I guess I won't really be calling "home", but I will be calling family. The weather is really warming up. I think the rain is officially behind us. I'm going to regret being glad of that in a month or so. I'll have been out 15 months, tomorrow. The weeks used to go fairly slow, but anymore... Every day, it seems like it's another weekly planning session, Sunday, or preparation day. I still don't know why it always shocks me, how fast time goes.

This past week has been really good. We found more people than we usually do, including a family who appear really interested in really learning more. We should be taking them through on a tour this week. This next weekend, the church in California is doing a massive service project. All the stakes in California are doing a Mormon Helping Hands (with the yellow vests, and all) thing and we're cleaning parks, all on the same day. It'll be a really fun activity, I'm sure. I'm told the park we're going to is pretty much a homeless park, so it'll be lots of trash, and quite possibly plenty of medical waste. Fun times...I'm looking forward to it.

We had a really awkward dinner this past week. We were at a family's home and they had invited a man who they were going into business with for dinner, as well. He was a middle-aged man that was incredibly wealthy and he spent the entire dinner talking about all his many businesses and ranches. I guess he's the largest beaver owner in the world (meat and fur). One might think that would be really fascinating to hear about and to talk with him, but he just talked and talked and talked and wasn't mindful of anyone else in the room. It was interesting.

Things are going really well, here. The ward is showing more trust in us and is giving us people to go see (less-active members). They're trying to get the home teaching/visiting teaching going better, so we're helping with that. Yesterday afternoon, we were with a team-up and he wanted to stop by someone he home teaches because he thought he should. We get there and other family members were there, just about to give her a blessing for her surgery today. She was in tears that her family would be there, then the elders and her home teacher would show up, all without communicating with each other. Things just work that way sometimes. We'll be having a zone conference, tomorrow. Twice a year, they have a big one, and that'll be tomorrow's. It'll be four stakes'-worth of missionaries, like it used to be.

I'm looking forward to calling on Sunday. I hope to talk to lots of you (very briefly, of course) then. Have a good week!

P.S. Ok, I'll be calling at 1:30 pst(3:30 central) to the number you gave me (Amy's). I'll get the 40 minutes, as usual.

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