Monday, May 17, 2010

I've had a good week.

Aaron enjoys a gooey dessert.

We had a really great week. I was on an exchange Wednesday in another area. The other companionship lives at the stake president's home. They have really comfortable beds and Sister Wasden makes them breakfast every morning. It was pretty good. Elder Hansen had his 21st birthday on Thursday. I have had four, or maybe five, companions having birthdays while I was with them. We still have cake in the fridge that someone gave us. It might still be good...maybe. I'll find out later, when we get back home.

We have an investigator, Charlie, that is getting baptized this Saturday. The whole ward is pretty excited about it. This week is going to be incredibly crazy and hectic trying to squeeze everything into it in preparation for that baptism. He and his sister came to church yesterday, and after church, Phainyaya (pronounced Pan-arra) told us that she wants to get baptized with her brother on Saturday. We're pretty excited about that. She has been telling us that she's Buddhist and a whole bunch of other things and we couldn't figure out why she was acting weird. It turns out that she didn't like being in the "big kid class". Their friend, Jim, is 11 and goes to Primary. We arranged it to where she could go to Primary with him (even though she's 13), and I guess she liked it. It's kind of confusing, but the ward is fully willing to make the exception.

This past was one of those days where everything could go wrong, but nothing did. It was great. There were so many variables with rides and lessons and everything, but everything ran very smoothly. It was great. We went to a baptism from another ward, and the girl getting baptized slipped coming down the stairs and almost went completely under the water (early). She laughed about it and wasn't hurt, so that was good. Then she had to do it again because her leg came up. She still had a good attitude about it, so that was excellent. It was scary and hilarious. My time on the computer is very limited again, unfortunately. Our ride that brought us to the library was a half hour late. I hope everyone is doing great!


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