Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm off to Merced!

The library was closed for Memorial Day, so I'm doing my email today. Well, I'm being transferred to the Merced 3rd Ward. It's weird leaving Modesto. I've been here since mid-October (I don't remember the date.) What's weird about this is that Elder Hansen is also being transferred. He's going back to the ward in Modesto that he served in before he came to the 2nd Ward. I know the elders that are being doubled-in here. It'll be in good hands. Elder Dickson (my third companion) is one of them. It was hard saying some of the goodbyes, here, but it'll be a good thing for the area, I think. It's something like a blood transfusion. It's been a busy few days, with the cleaning and packing and organizing and working and everything else that we're rushing to get ready for transfers. It was really rushed on Saturday because both of us gave our talks (very fitting, since it was our last Sunday there). It was a lot of stuff to fit in at the last moments. The talks went really well. I think both of us did a good job on them. The bishop got really choked up when he was announcing that we were both leaving them, at the pulpit. That was really nice. He's been a good bishop to be in his ward.

Victoria, the sister that I mentioned last week, that was getting baptized in the young single adult branch, was baptized on Sunday. On Saturday night at about 8:55, those elders called and asked if I would give the talk on the Holy Ghost. Then we were also asked to give the missionary presentation while they were changing. It has been crazy-busy.

I ate an elk burger at Fuddruckers, yesterday afternoon. It was great! I had that, since they were out of the ostrich. I really want to try ostrich, but I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. We went to Ross, as well. I got a new pack of black socks (never-ending process--replacing socks) and I finally found a great pair of shoes. They had one pair of good black shoes that were in my size, and only $25. I was pretty excited for that. I hadn't been able to find anything anywhere.

It was a normal preparation day for Memorial Day. We ate at the Chappell's house for dinner and they had a picnic theme going. I'm actually going to miss quite a few people and families in this ward. I've been here for three transfers, so it's been awhile, but there are also a few really good families. I haven't felt that way about all of my areas. It's been pretty scattered. The baptism should still be happening on Saturday for the three kids. Elder Hansen will be able to go and baptize them, since he'll be so close. We helped the one family by working on their roof, again, Saturday. It had rained a couple of days this past week, which made them sweat a bit because they were having to cover their roof with tarps, but they made it through. It was while we were on top of the roof that we got the call from President Gonzalez, telling us what was going to happen with transfers. It's been an exciting few days. Everything is planned for, for the most part. We'll see how well the execution of everything works out. Have a great week, everyone.


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