Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

Service Project
New comp -- Elder Nelson with Aaron

I think this is his district

I titled this one "A good armrest".

I love this one of Aaron

It has been really nice the past several days. It hasn't reached the 90s and has had a nice wind (everyone out here hates wind and considers it terrible weather if there is any...I can't quite figure that one out). It's been great!

After getting a letter from Mom on Saturday, Sunday morning I walked into the chapel at the church right before the Asian branch was about to meet. As the branch president was walking by, I reached my hand out and while shaking his hand (he giving me a curt nod as he was passing), I said "I'm Elder Barnard -- Salem, Missouri." I gave him a second while he did an almost cartoonish double-take. "Wait....what did you just say?" "Salem, Missouri." "Wait...what? Really? I'm..." I laughed pretty hard. The branch president for the Asian branch here in Merced, CA is Jeff Wilson, of the Salem Wilsons. Our whole short conversation he had this dumb-struck face as if he couldn't believe it. He told me he's heading to Salem in a week or so. I think that's the first instance where I've seen anyone out here that I have met before.

Audrey Abney gets home this week...that is weird.

We've been knocking door-to-door a lot, recently. Many of our investigators, we've been dropping. We're in the finding mode, now. It's gone ok. It's not an altogether effective way of finding people to listen, but it's a way that forces you to talk to as many people as you can. Our zone conference was good. It's always enjoyable to listen and be uplifted. President Gonzalez gave us all great advice (referring to making his wife happy by doing what she says). "A happy wife is a happy life." It's always really good. I hope all is well with everyone!


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