Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I am now a district leader

Elder Nelson and I are both staying for another transfer, here, in Merced. I figured that would happen, and it's a good thing. President Gonzalez asked me if I'd be district leader, this transfer, as well. It'll be something new and different, but I think it'll be great. I've had a couple district leader companions, so I have a good idea of how everything works and what is expected of me.

We got bored of being in the city all the time. We decided to bike out into the "country" and knock on the sporadic doors that we came across. I put the quote marks around the word country because it's not the country. There are fields and everything, but it's still very cityish. It was a lot of fun, though. We'll probably be doing a lot more of that. A senior couple is coming to take over the work in the Mariposa branch (way out there, covering part of Yosemite). They'll be in the district. I'm not sure if they have served a mission, before. If you're going to serve a couple mission, that part of the country is not a bad place to do it, let me tell you.

We're going to find some way to get to Yosemite, this transfer. That's all there is to that. I also want to go to the Castle Air Force Museum that is in Atwater, right next to Merced. It would be a lot of fun. We have a ward missionary that lives up in Snelling. It's a tiny town that we cover that is way out there. It's actually no farther, probably, than St. James from Salem, but getting someone to take us way out there, especially when we aren't teaching anyone there, would have made it difficult. He's offered, and we will take him up on it, to take us up to work there for the day some time. I think it would be fun. It would definitely be different from the usual. It's getting hotter, more consistently, now. I'm ok with it, though. I'm very used to it. It's only in the 80s today, so it feels amazing, out. Have a great week!


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