Monday, July 19, 2010

I hate my bike!!!

If I had known, I would have requested a new bike long, long ago. I had to swap my cassette, tire, etc. on my wheel. I also needed to change my front brake pads because they were very bare. My crank was also very wobbly and was starting to strip the threads on the frame, so I had to have them replace that. If I had known all this was going to happen, I would have gotten a more reliable bike. Now what do I do? It was another $85 at the bike shop to do those things... I probably should have just called my loss and not bothered fixing it, but I did. Then the next day a spoke broke on the front wheel. *grumbling growl...* Every time it breaks, I always tell myself that it'll be the last time and buying a new bike isn't worth it because of one excuse or another. It's never the last time, it seems. Most of the parts are not originals, anymore. It's a ridiculous kind of thing. Apart from the bike stuff, it was a really good week. We found a new investigator knocking on doors, which has been rare for my mission. We also had some really good lessons. I'm sorry this is all I have for his week's email, but I'm out of time. We had to split the time for emailing due to time restrictions. Have a great week.


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