Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm staying in Merced.

We got the calls on Saturday, and I'll be staying for at least one transfer. Elder Nelson is going down to Fresno to cover one of the wards and one of the singles wards. I'll be remaining as district leader, here, and the elder that is coming here is Elder...Goodso? I don't know. That's what his name sounds like, and I haven't met any other elders that have met him. It's probably his third or fourth transfer, because he isn't in any of the past Vineyards. The Vineyard is this mission's regular newsletter thing. Unfortunately, they haven't given us any since April. It shows pictures of departing and arriving missionaries with their names, and other blurbs put in by various people in the presidency/staff. It's been so long since we've gotten a new one.

We had a really great beginning to last week. We were out with our ward mission leader on Tuesday and nothing was working out. No one was home or would let us in. We decided to try a former investigator that we dropped shortly after I got here, and it turns out it's good that we did. It was that day that she heard the diagnosis from some chronic problems she was having. She had been having a really bad day and we showed up after a few months. It went really well.

I did another baptismal interview. Those are really cool.

The weather has been really nice, lately. It hasn't reached 100 in awhile...I don't think. I think it's supposed to this week, but that's ok. There isn't too much longer where we have hot weather. It was October when the heat broke in Visalia, last year. People here in Merced, however, say that it's usually some time in September that it gets cooler here. It's more north though. Last year was infinitely hotter, though. It was a very wet winter and a very mild summer, this time around. As time always does, it blows my mind that it's in the last third of August. Anyway, things are going well. I hope the same goes for everyone else.


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