Monday, August 2, 2010

Post from July 26, 2010

I just met someone at Walmart that is from Sullivan, MO. They are doing a cross-country trip in a car with three small kids. It's always interesting when I meet someone who knows where Salem is.

It was a really good week. District meeting went really well. I got long-winded and preachy, but it was needed. Tomorrow's will be really good, too. Last preparation day, after I got back to the apartment, was pretty much all preparing everything for it. Today shouldn't need too much preparation. I started ironing my shirts before we were picked up, though, because they didn't dry all the way. I'll have to finish that up when I get back. Apart from that, today will be mostly about cleaning.

They had a stake Pioneer Day activity at the church on Saturday night. The kids all put on this elaborate play called "I, Nephi", then they played a lot of pioneer games in the softball field and square dancing. Myself and my companion staked out a spot next to the watermelon. They had 25 of them. There were some left over, so they gave all the missionary companionships one and I put our's in my backpack. It was bulging to the brim, just about.

We had some good lessons with some of our investigators and they are starting to make some progress. August starts this week. I still can't quite figure out why time going quickly is so surprising.It sounds like some of you are going to be having a very busy week. I hope all goes well!


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