Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Interesting . . .

All I know is, the first email I open was pictures of a newborn baby in the arms of my parents and siblings, sent by Karen, with no explanation. Then, when I read the email from Mom, it all came together. I was trying to figure out just who this baby belonged to. That's awesome that something came through with the foster parent thing. I guess those kind of things happens without a whole lot of notice beforehand; possibly any.

We had a really good week. Most of our key indicators have shot up, recently. The only real thing we've done differently is try to set up as many appointments with everyone that we can. There is a sister in the ward that has siblings that aren't members of the church and wanted to learn more, so we're teaching them at her house. We have only been able to teach them once, but we have another appointment tonight.

I will be making another picture CD today. I don't have my box ready to be sent home, yet, but I will mail that next week. It's mostly packed full of old letters and coins, so it's very very heavy. Thank goodness for flat-rate boxes.--$10.-something for the whole thing.

The apartment is getting clean, today. I always say that and it never really happens. Some stuff gets picked up, or maybe something gets vacuumed or something, but it hasn't really gotten a good cleaning because things always come up--legitimate things or laziness...either one. Today, it happens. I started this morning and it all looks much nicer without papers everywhere and things getting lost.

I'm out of time. I hope everyone has a great week!


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