Monday, October 4, 2010

Captain Aaroni (Captain Moroni is his scriptural hero)

He is working to develop a good healthy diet.

Aaron in the church's grape vineyard.
They pick these to make raisins for the church's welfare system.

Here he is again in the vineyard.

None of these are his current companion but it's a good picture.

We got our transfer calls. Both Elder Goodsell and I are staying. I pretty much expected it. All three district leaders are staying in their place this transfer. I figured they would do that as much as possible because of the new training and all. We usually receive our calls on Saturday night, but I'm guessing due to Conference, and not having as much time throughout the day to make 'leadership calls', it got pushed back. The zone leaders are in my district and one of them is leaving to be the new assistant to the president. Another elder is going up to the Modesto 2nd Ward. I'm pretty jealous about that, to be sure. I'll be sure to give him a small list of people to go to and advice and everything else that every missionary who has served where you're about to go to does. It was a really good ward. I'm glad to be staying. Things have really started looking up in the work, here, and I would hate to miss it.

I turn 20 months old today. It's insane that I only just a little over 4 left. The craziest part about that is that I still feel like I should be new--not that I feel new--but I feel like I should be new. I'll hopefully be going to Yosemite next Monday, so I may not email next week. The senior couple in the district have asked us if we'd like to go. As I've never been and want to go and don't have too much time left to procrastinate it any further, we're going. We're just waiting to get the green light from the mission to be able to go.

General Conference was amazing. I loved all of it, but especially the priesthood session. Every talk in there was really good. The biggest focus that I could catch in all of it was letting everyone know that Lucifer was around before and is here now and we need to not be hooked by him. That's what I got more than anything else, I think. It seemed like every talk came back to that, just about.

We set up two baptism dates for later this month, this week. Tomorrow, we're going to set up another. She will almost for sure say yes and probably have it done before the end of the month. I'm really glad I'm staying in the area. I would have hated if it had been like last time when I moved and we had a triple baptism planned that weekend. The elder that is going to Fresno to be the new assistant will be leaving this afternoon, so we'll have Elder Arias with us for a couple of days, in a 'threesome'. It'll be interesting, fitting everything in. It'll be good. Everyone have a great week


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