Monday, October 18, 2010

The work progresses well.

The beginning of every transfer is always so busy and hectic. Things are going really well, though. I'm glad I stayed again, because things really are going quite well. The ward has been slowly but surely stepping up to the plate on everything and showing a lot more support of the missionary effort. We had two baptisms on Saturday and they were confirmed on Sunday. We have one person with a date in late November and another that we'll have to reset the date with. She's embarrassed about some stuff and feels she needs more time, which we agree with. She was trying to rush herself and jump into something she wasn't really ready to be fully immersed in (not a baptism pun, but it works). It's mostly a whole social thing. She's 15... It was overall a good week.

My email time is limited today as well. This time I'm on a 15 minute computer and a lot of that time was spent reading emails. It's started raining again. It rained a couple days a couple weeks ago, but it's starting to be more constant now. I don't mind it really. I'm just not really looking forward to being constantly wet and cold and never really drying out. It'll be good though. The rain hasn't washed the roads yet, so it still has dirt and sand and everything else on it, so our pants and shoes are still being covered in splatters. That should start going away as the roads are cleared by the rain.

We had a really good day at church, yesterday. We had a few investigators there, and some less-active members we've been working with. After all that, we had some good meetings. This week we have a zone meeting and our president's interviews which is now only every other transfer. The temple trip that would normally be this transfer is rescheduled for around Christmas. Have a great week.


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