Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! It's that time again. Thanksgiving went well. We've had a few turkey dinners so far. We had a nice small family dinner on Thursday with a family. On Saturday we had a 2:00 dinner with a huge family and ate a ton, then followed it with a 5:00 turkey dinner where they expected us to be hungry. We didn't tell them we had just stuffed ourselves silly. It was...rather painful, actually. It was all really good at all the dinners, but it was--yeah, we were supported with the ability to sustain it all. At the big dinner, they are related to a huge family from my training area, Modesto 5th Ward. They were all down for it and it was a lot of fun to talk to them and catch up. Some of them were here a week ago and I got to talk to them then, but this was longer and there were more of them.

It's been getting cold around here. It is nothing compared to the Midwest in either temperature or humidity, but I don't bike in it back home, either. We had such a great week in the district. It was nuts. We went from having 3 investigators with baptism dates to having 13 for December. More can be set, as well. There is definite potential for more. Everything looked up this week. I'll be starting the exchanges this week. I hate exchanges, but I'll make them good this time. I also have a zone leadership meeting in Fresno on Wednesday. It'll be every zone leader and district leader in the mission meeting together. I'm sure it'll be mostly about, "What can we do for the missionaries to really encourage them to do everything they can?" We had a goal this year of 1200 baptized in 2010. The way it's looking we'll get the same amount as last year, or thereabouts: 900. That isn't bad at all, but I know how much President Gonzalez wants to surpass that, at minimum. It just hasn't been as much of a priority as last year was. It'll be good, though.

December is going to be great. It's nice being with a Spanish-called missionary because, apart from having language study, which is a great time to get things done, he has a lot of enthusiasm toward baptism, which is something I may have lacked. Spanish speaking people just about flock to the font. What is everyone doing for Christmas? How was everyone's Thanksgiving? What are the plans? We don't have any Christmas plans, yet. I don't even know which rated G movie we are going to watch. It's an important decision that can't be made rashly, after all. I hope everyone has a great week!


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