Monday, November 22, 2010

Three Thanksgiving Dinners Coming Up!

Well, transfers happened. Elder Goodsell is now in Visalia, and Elder Moore is here with me. It turns out that Elder Moore was called to a Spanish-speaking mission, so this is his first all-English area and his first time with an all-English companion. I think he's still confused why he's here, but he's adjusting. I get language study in the mornings! I'm so excited about that. Having that extra hour in the morning to get things done and catch up is so nice. That's going to help me out so much. Maybe I can learn a bit of Spanish while I'm at it.

We had a really good day at church. We had six investigators there. Some of those are regulars, but some of them it was their first and second times. We had a couple of investigators that should have been there that weren't, so that's always a bit frustrating, but ok. They'll come next week, naturally. The talks and the musical number were really good, as well. I ran into a family that is in my first area, the other day. They're related to a family here, and they were visiting.

We have at least three Thanksgiving dinners this week, coming up. There is one on Thursday itself, and then two on Saturday with families that are having their's then. I thought I was gaining weight, but not yet. I'm not losing anymore, though, so that's good. I have had a cold since Thursday morning. Elder Moore came here with one and by the next morning he decided it was time to share it, I guess. Our apartment had a Mexican makeover. He isn't Mexican himself, but Spanish-speaking, he has accumulated all of these flags and posters and maps and sheets that he has hung on the walls so they wouldn't be white and blank. He is from the Seattle area and his dad's in the Navy. He's been out for about 15 months or so. A couple of months before he goes home, his family will be moving to San Diego, so that's where he'll be going to. My first companion had that happen to him, where his family moved while he was away. I would have worried about that if I didn't know how much Dad hates moving.

Today should be very busy, as usual. I have to prepare everything I need to for district meeting tomorrow, and also cut my hair, and clean the apartment, hopefully write a couple of letters, and all sorts of things like that. I'll catch up. The weather has been kind of erratic, but cooperative. It's rained four times in the past week. Three of those times was at night, and one was while we were at church. Those are my favorite kinds. That's very acceptable. I really don't care for biking in the cold rain. That's ok, though. It comes with the territory. In a couple of weeks, we should be having a temple trip. It's been longer than usual since I've been, so I'm really looking forward to that. The week after that, I believe, we have our Christmas zone conference. I sent pictures in this time, so hopefully I'll be in the slideshow more than last year's. I hope everyone has a great week!


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