Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I baptized Erin

I gave my farewell testimony, yesterday. We had our Christmas zone conference and all the missionaries that came into the mission in the past couple of transfers and those that go home this and next transfer bore their testimonies. There were a lot. It was a strange kind of thing being one of the ones giving the farewell testimonies.

They had another slideshow of pictures from the year. This one was an improvement over last year's. I didn't see the finished copy of last year's, but this one was pretty good.

We had a baptism. I baptized Erin on Saturday. It was touch and go because she can be shy sometimes, but it happened and was awesome.

They had a stake fireside thing on Sunday evening that was really good. There was a little bit of speaking, but mostly it was singing and instruments. Most of the ward's had choirs and others got together to do special musical numbers. One or two of them weren't very good, but most were really talented. Today, Wednesday, is our preparation day because we had a temple trip this morning. I love the temple. I really do. I don't like leaving it, to be honest. It's so weird that Christmas is a week from Saturday. I don't know what the plan is for it, yet. I know who we are having dinner with, but I don't know anything about time. I'll get back to everyone about my time to call. Everyone have a good week.


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