Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My last transfer -- I'm still in Merced 3rd Ward

Well, first thing's first--I'm staying. This'll be my 6th transfer in the Merced 3rd Ward.

I expected it, but couldn't be sure. I'm OK with staying and it isn't a problem or anything. The only problem with it is that I have more of this tendency to give up with some of the people (especially the less-active ones that we're working with). After trying everything you can think of and seeing no success in some, it feels pointless after awhile. On the other hand, I'm really glad I'm staying because it's a lot less hassle. I know the area and the ward very well and that helps. Elder Moore is going to Porterville and Elder Ramos is coming here. I'm told he's from Mexico, but I can't verify that until Wednesday.

It was awesome to get to talk to just about everyone on Christmas. We did end up watching How to Train Your Dragon, in the evening. It was wonderful. It could be that I hadn't seen a non-church movie in 365 days, or it could have been really good.

We had a couple of dinners that day. I'm definitely... sugared out. We have gotten so many cookies and pies and candy and treats of all kinds that I gave a pie to another companionship this morning because we have too much stuff. I still eat it all, but not as much as I would normally. Some of it is amazing, though. I'm going to have to collect recipes on a few things.

We moved out a family that we were teaching. They moved to Fresno. We sent the referral on and have gotten word that they were contacted, but it's still a bummer that they moved. He was returning to activity and she was being taught and coming to church. She was one of our most progressing investigators. That's ok, though. The church is also in Fresno.

I've had a cold for the past week or so. It's letting up a little here and there, but it's still lingering. I think it'll pass soon, though.

Sunday was interesting as half the ward were gone. Either everyone was sick, lazy, or out of town. There really weren't that many fewer people, though. The other half were made up of people visiting.

Hopefully everything will work out well for transfers this week. Only my companion and one of the zone leaders are changing in the district, though. I heard something funny that's happening, though. In the Merced area for the Hmong work, Elder Nuttal and Elder Tuttle will be companions (both Hmong speaking.) That'll be too ridiculous...funny, though. Bye


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  1. Hope we arent the ones who transferred you the cold. In our own defense I will bring forth the fact that MANY people had this cold all at once so you cant point any fingers!

    Erin found your blog here, so I took it upon myself to follow it now, rather than after youre off your mission, in case we wouldnt be able to find it again or if you abandon it after your mission.

    We love our missionaries! Your mommy should be very proud of your patience, kindness and... your attention span! Way to stay on topic when teenagers wander off subject!