Monday, December 6, 2010

We're sacrificing to progress the work.

It was a busy beginning of the week. We had a Mission Leadership Council meeting on Wednesday, where all the district and zone leaders and the assistants had a meeting with President Gonzalez in Fresno at the mission office. I was there in April and of course when I got into the mission, but it's still weird being there since it was the first place that we went and spent the day, so long ago. It was a good meeting. The next day we had an emergency zone meeting with the whole zone, here in Merced. It was just all about how we can best fulfill our purpose and help those who have already shown signs of progression to accept a date in December and make it. We have a lot of potential in our area. They just aren't doing it. There's something lacking that we haven't been able to place our finger on. In this ward, we haven't really had the problem of getting our investigators to get to sacrament meeting. That has been fairly easy for most of them. It's going any further than that. We have an investigator, Ricardo, that just finished The Book of Mormon this week. He's been working on it for a few months and has completed it. We have a baptism coming up this weekend. I'm pretty sure we'll be doing it on Saturday afternoon. Her name is Erin and she's the 15 year old sister of an active member who has been meeting with us for three or four months. There have been a lot of ridges and hills in her teaching, but it's good now. She seems pretty excited.

I had an exchange in the Spanish area. I really don't speak Spanish, but I do understand a lot more than I did before my mission, to be sure. If I were to get proficient in it, I would have to actually study. Everything I have is base observation. This exchange still involved a lot of blank stares and half-smiles on my face, to be sure.

During the zone meeting that we had, it was decided by everyone that we would sacrifice listening to music for the rest of the year, to be able to baptize. I'm not a fan of not listening to music, especially around Christmas time, but they don't call it sacrifice because it's easy. I had just received the package with the two Christmas CDs, the day before. I got to listen to Christmas In Europe a couple of times before I have to pack it away again, and Elder Moore had the Josh Groban one, so I've listened to that a few times earlier. Oh well. We'll do what we can.

So what's the overall plan for the family on Christmas? Where will everyone be going and doing? I'm still not sure where I'll be going on Christmas or how all of that will work. I'm really curious about when transfer calls are going to be as well. The day we would normally receive them is on Christmas Day itself. I don't know if he'll get them figured out before that and get them out on Friday or if they'll get stalled and we'll get them on Sunday. Maybe he'll be making calls on Christmas itself. I don't know. Whatever it is, it'll be interesting to see. I'll be starting my exchanges with the rest of the district this week. I have four more to fit into the next two weeks, I believe. It'll work out. Things are going pretty well right now.


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